Online Takeout, Delivery and Restaurant POS all in one Solution.


Why choose Pxier cloud POS Takeout and Food Delivery software solution?

Pxier cloud restaurant POS and online takeout/ food delivery software offer a fully functional online menu ordering system. The software has a fully integrated backend POS that manages online orders received from customers and orders directly created by the staff.

Backend POS allows authorized users to edit, revise or cancel orders. Automatic order printing module, label printing, Prep-sheet, work pics, order workflow, credit, and debit card payments, house account, catering package options, and other restaurant POS system features are added to run a catering and restaurant business efficiently.

The feature-packed Pxier menu system is designed in collaboration with one of the best-managed restaurants in the United States, which has over 200 deliveries per day. Pxier replaced its previous online ordering system, catering software, and staff ordering POS system with a well-integrated all-in-one food delivery software solution to manage every aspect of restaurant order management.

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Simplify Online Menu Ordering

  • Supports desktop, laptop, Ipad, or mobile ordering.
  • Easy menu configuration. Simplify online ordering for customers by creating custom menu buttons, selection choices, optional items, flavors, extra items, credit on items, and many more display options.
  • Sell catering menu packages to customers. A great option for corporate menu orders.
  • Option to set a minimum order amount for delivery.
  • Option to set a minimum order quantity.
  • Price class and payment terms for loyal and frequent customers.
  • Automatic delivery charge calculation based on distance or predefined delivery class.
  • Monthly statements for house account customers.
  • Accept or enforce gratuity for online orders.
  • Accept credit cards online or on house account orders.

Engage Customers

  • Offer coupons, free delivery and/or discounts.
  • Allow customers to store multiple delivery locations.
  • Customers can optionally store multiple credit cards on a single file.
  • Display important order notifications on client screens.
  • Let customers know of any takeout or delivery delays.
  • Customers can copy and create/edit orders from past orders.
  • The customer portal will instantly review order changes done by staff.
  • Complete Order history is available on the customer portal.
  • Customers can view or print orders and invoices created by them online or by staff on POS from the customer portal.
  • Customers can view or print monthly statements on the portal and optionally make payments. Good for corporate clients.
  • E-Mail or automatic print out a notification on online orders.


All-in-one cloud POS software solution.

  • Complete customer history and management. Setup customer accounts as corporate, billing, non-Billing, etc.
  • Customer price class and categorization for marketing and sales initiatives.
  • Ship via and route at billing, delivery, and order level.
  • Tax configuration at various levels.
  • Broad menu configuration. Use just a simple menu name, details, and images, or use set options, selections, choices, flavors for individual menu items.
  • Option to hide menus from the online module but display it for selection on the staff portal.
  • Create your personalized menu buttons for easy ordering.
  • Automatic assorted menu items selection. The better option for group orders.
  • Option to sell certain items in minimum quantity.
  • Packing List - add related items automatically to the cart when some products are ordered.
  • Order Workflow. Automatic triggering actions.
  • Credit or Debit card payments and refunds.
  • Account Receivable and Account Payable Reports
  • Copy paste orders to quickly create new orders.
  • Sales and Daily reports, Sales dashboard.
  • Monthly Statements for corporate customers.
  • Cloud restaurant POS can keep track of order revisions. Great way to let the kitchen know an order which has changed.
  • And many more functionalities with easy-to-use cloud POS software.

A cloud POS software with reliable design

  • Tight validations to make sure the staff does not make accidental mistakes.
  • Edit orders created online if required and resend the invoice, or let customers view the modified invoice on the customer portal.
  • Add notes and names for individual menu items within the cart.
  • Add delivery, invoice, kitchen staff, and setup instructions.
  • Pxier cloud POS software is designed to handle large volumes with tight control and efficiency.

Take control of your printing.

  • Pxier cloud POS software lets you set up a detailed print class configuration.
  • Configure an unlimited number of printers that include label printers.
  • Pxier cloud POS software lets you set up different size label printers easily.
  • Configure specific menu items to be printed on separate printers.
  • Set label grouping. Setup to print a single label for several quantities.
  • Print xerox copies for different kitchen departments.
  • Pxier cloud POS software allows you to print integrated work picks (Prep sheet) for the next day or next few hours to help kitchen personnel properly plan and control food production, decrease overproduction and food waste. Unique work picks to prepare for health inspectors.

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