Why use cloud based banquet booking or catering software

Installed version of Banquet & event software requires purchase of expensive license agreement to install on one or more computers. In addition a technical team or an expert would henerally be needed to install and maintain the software. With Pxier banquet cloud application, you will pay a small monthly subscription fee for using the software. Simply pay for what you use, no need to buy and maintain high end expensive servers and personal computers.
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Advantages of cloud based Banquet booking software

cloud based Banquet booking software

No software installation

Pxier is a cloud based solution. Users just need an internet enabled device, no additional software or hardware installation is required. We manage all the technical aspects and let the customers focus on their business for a low Monthly subscription.

cloud based Banquet booking software

Anytime Anywhere

anytime from anywhere. Use the software on the go, no need to get to your office to login. Use your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone to access the software. It is just like accessing your Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo emails over the internet.

cloud based Banquet booking software

No Storage and Backup headache

With a cloud based solution you do not need to worry about backups anymore. You do not need to take backups every day and worry about not being able to restore your backup when needed. We manage backup and storage for you behind the scenes.

cloud based Banquet booking software

No Expensive Hardware or Software.

You do not need to buy or manage servers, network devices, databases or software. Our experts manage all the infrastructure and let you concentrate on your business. Simply access the application using your internet enabled devices.

cloud based Banquet booking software

Low Monthly or Yearly fee.

There are no one time charges or setup fees. Just pay monthly as you go for Banquet booking software service. No upfront payment to buy expensive software or yearly support cost. Get automatic upgrades and expert support for no additional cost.

cloud based Banquet booking software

Support team to help every step of the way

Pxier support team understands how to get you going. Our experienced team will work with you to help you quickly get upto speed or resolve issues or concerns that you may have. Our focus is your satisfaction and we will do everything possible to make this a great experience.

cloud based Banquet booking software

Walkthrough with specialist

Request a NO obligation and FREE demo of our Banquet booking software and Online module with our specialist today.

Our customer representive will walk through features relevant to your business as well as clarify any questions, concerns you may have regarding our solution completely FREE!

cloud based Banquet booking software

Try it yourself

Try the software yourself. For valid requests, we will send credentials to try it yourself

Our customer representive always ready to answer any questions, concerns you may have regarding our software solution completely FREE!


Pxier integrates its event booking website to your organization's official page so that your clients can easily reserve a venue or a service