• Manage Seated, Pickup or Delivery orders
  • Sales Tax or VAT formatted invoices
  • Split Bills different ways to meet your customers need.
  • Split, Merge, Move seats and tables
  • Extended Menu modifiers
  • Inventory and cash management
  • Integrated KDS Module
  • Integrated online and staff managed Table reservation module
  • Integrated Rewards and loyalty programs
  • Integrated Online food ordering APP

Full featured Cloud-based POS software for Restaurants and Cafeterias

Split bills

Split bills any which way customer need. Split equally, by percentage, by seat, only split certain items or any other combinations.

Desktop or ipad/Android stations

Pxier POS system for restaurant can be used with any recent desktop. We also have Android and ipad app which can be download for free and use it

Staff Management

Easy and convenient POS system can make your staff more efficient and confident while keeping track of employee activities and performance.

Pin Access

Pxier's pin switching feature enables you and your staff to quickly switch between users, without the need for emails and passwords.


This module will allow you to keep track of and control every item in your inventory; and organize inventory items by category and manage price, cost, and quantity.

Table Management

This POS for restaurants can prevent problems such as double-booking tables and accepting too many reservations and it can quickly determine table status by looking at the table service POS screen.

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Split Bills or Tables As You Please

Split customer bills or items between selected number of seats. Transfer items from one seat to another, or simply move all items to a table and split in any ratio you want. Pxier POS gives you the flexibility and convenience to make the process as seamless as possible.

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Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction At Every Step

These features ensure that all the food items are prepared at the correct time. Fast and secure billing with flexible logic. Collect customer details, so you learn about what your customers like. Print your invoice and ticket more conveniently with POS for Restaurant.

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Manage Courses

Pxier POS for restaurant allows Coursing to help restaurants to manage the flow of food servings. Coursing allow you to easily group items, add items. Also, kitchen tickets can be printed by course, hold them to fire later.

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Set Kitchen Fire Time

Every order item can be fired immediately or set a later fire time. This will ensure to let chef know when each item should be started and ensure all the parts of the meal are ready at the same time.

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Easy to Use and Train

Pxier POS system for restaurant's intuitive user interface designed to make it very simple use and train new employees. Most actions can be accomplished by single or view clicks

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Kitchen Display Screens

Use Pxier Kitchen Display Screens(KDS) along with Point of sale system to reduce time and be efficient.

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Competitive Card Rates

Guaranteed lowest rate: Pxier has partnered with well-reputed payment processors like FirstData, WorldPay, and Chase to bring the best rates and services to our clients.

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Billing & Checkout

Checking out customers quickly and securely is another major benefit of the Pxier POS system for Restaurant. Customers can be checked out by table, seat or merged seats and more. Invoices can be Sales Tax or VAT formatted.

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Customer loyalty program

Pxier partnered with the best customer loyalty program in the industry to bring world class Gift cards and reward programs for our restaurant POS system clients.

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Inventory Control

Take control of your inventory. If you need basic inventory control, use Pxier's inventory management included in the package or take advantage of our integration with MarketMan software to manage complete inventory, purchase orders, food cost and more.

Extended Features

Food ordering APP

Takeout Delivery

Modernise your restaurant offering by allowing online take-out and delivery options. Set a minimum order quantity or amount for delivery, along with automatic calculation of delivery charges from a single central dashboard.

Never miss as order, or get it wrong - All take out or delivery orders are processed and printed directly to the kitchen printer or kitchen display screen.

These are clearly identified, so that your kitchen staff know exactly how to package and parcel each order.

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Catering Services

Manage cost efficiency and improve your sourcing and staffing by estimating your demand more accurately with detailed reports and forecasting.

Improve the quality of catering services with streamlined workflow management.

Ensure every order is processed timely and no item is missed by using the system generated packing list.

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Catering Services

Table Reservations

Takeout Delivery

Pxier Restaurant POS is able to seamlessly integrate with our Table Reservations module. This makes it easier for you to manage your customers, as well as allow for online table reservations.

Your customers can book a table at their own convenience for a time and place of their liking. They can choose the number of diners per table and the duration of their dining experience.

With Pxier Table Reservation App, your customers can reserve a table right from your website, and your staff can book and manage reservations, waiting lists, and cancellations from our cloud-based application portal.

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PMS Integration

Pxier's POS for Restaurant system is capable of integrating into your existing property management system(PMS). This makes it more convenient for your guests, as they are able to post their restaurant charges from the POS directly to their account on the PMS. Making it easier to generate a single bill within the PMS.

Being a 2 way integration, it allows you to search for guest profiles as well as any staff accounts you may have setup in the PMS.

It also allows you to sync all revenue and payments from the POS to your PMS, which allows you to generate full revenue reports, including your food and beverage sales, within your PMS.

PMS Integration

Customer Loyalty Program

Rewards Program

Loyalty programs encourage customers to return to restaurants where they frequently go. Pxier partnered with the best customer loyalty program in the industry to bring world class Gift cards and reward programs for our restaurant POS system clients.

Connect Pxier's POS System with customers to ensure repeat business by using accounts to track previous visits and by rewarding loyal regulars with discounts and promotions.

Kitchen Display Module (KDS)

This feature makes the synchronization between waiters and kitchen staff easier and faster. Our kitchen screens will display orders well detailed avoiding mistakes and Fire Time will tell your chef when each item should be started to ensure all the parts of the meal are ready at the same time.

PMS Integration

Pxier's POS System for restaurant Pricing


1 License

$ 59 /MO

$25 Additional Terminal


Up to 3 Licenses

$ 99 /MO

$25 Additional Terminal


5+ Licenses

Custom Quote

*Hardware not included

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