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Website Restaurant Table reservations

Pxier Restaurant Table Website Widget can be plugged into your website to allow your customers to reserve a table right from your website.

Pixer Restaurant Table Reservation software is a cloud-based application backed by Amazon AWS which means your customers can look at availability 24 / 7, 365 days. Our features include:

  • Our software is mobile, Ipad, and desktop compatible. This feature enables remote work so that you can run your operations from the comfort of your home.
  • The plugins are easy to integrate and can be customized to suit the theme of your existing website. We also provide many vibrant templates to choose from.
  • Never worry about double booking! Our system ensures availability before each table reservation so that there is never room for any confusion or misunderstanding.
  • The system allows customers to add a note to the reservations for any special request. It's a very dependable feature that assures customer satisfaction.
  • The restaurant receives email notifications whenever a customer reserves a table. Always be updated so that you are never caught ill-prepared.
table reservation software

Notifications and Updates

  • Your customers get notified every step of the reservation process. We send them an automatic email when they book online or when staff side reservations are created or updated.
  • In addition, optionally you can configure the system to allow the customer to modify reservations or cancel the reservation right from the notification emails.
  • The system can be configured to send automatic email reminders for customers on upcoming restaurant table reservations. This great feature gives the customer a chance to confirm bookings or cancel as per their convenience.
  • Notification templates can be personalized to meet your taste and requirements.
table reservation software

Pxier Table Reservation Portal

Pxier Table reservation portal allows you to visualize the reservations and manage day-to-day reservation activities. Color code reservation status allows you to quickly see the status of each reservation. You can also manage the waiting list and cancellations. With the Pxier table reservation app, it's easy to move reservations from one table to another.


  • Manage one or more restaurants easily. You can switch between restaurants with a single click.
  • Manage different sections within the same restaurant. For example, you can switch between the main floor, terrasse, patio, etc.
  • We made it simple to search for current or past customers with the customer history database.
  • Configure the restaurant opening and closing hours.
  • Configure different opening and closing times for different sections of the restaurant. For example, the main floor might be open from 10 am through 2 am but the bar might be opened from 3 pm through 3 pm.
  • Disable reservations of certain sections or tables on the customer module but allow them on the staff module.
  • Set different durations for the reservation based on the number for guests per reservation.
  • Multiple tables for single reservations based on guests count. The system can recommend seating but can be overridden by staff.
  • Manage waiting list easily on the Pxier restaurant reservation app. Convert the waiting list into reservations with a couple of clicks.
  • Managing cancellations is also simple with the Pxier restaurant reservation app. Canceled reservations can be converted back to reservations or put on waiting lists.
  • Daily dashboard: View the dashboard daily for information on total reservations, cancelations, etc.
table reservation software

Easy Customization

The Pxier portal allows you to easily customize the behavior of an online wizard or staff managed portal. These include:

  • Restaurant opening and closing time. You can customize the working hours so that bookings happen in the fixed duration
  • You can also customize the opening and closing times of different sections of the restaurant.
  • Availability for reservation by clients on sections of restaurant or individual table.
  • Fix the duration for reservation based on guest count. For example, you can set a half-hour duration for a two-seater table and an hour for a four-seater one.
  • You can decide the number of tables and their total capacity.
  • In case of maintenance and repair, there are provisions in our software to takedown tables or remove sections. Also, change restaurant capacity to a lower percentage to comply with the legal requirements. For example, the system can be configured to allow a maximum of 60% capacity to meet "Social Distancing" rules.
table reservation software


Pxier Table reservation software includes all necessary daily reports, summary reports, and a dashboard. The following data can be accessed and comprehended in a single glance with the help of our dashboard:

  • Reservations by source. Whether the reservation was done online, by phone, or in person.
  • You can see all the reservations and cancellations within a specific customized duration. For example, you can look at all the activity between May 3, 3 pm to April 4, at 5 am.
  • See whether a client is a first time customer or a loyal customer.
  • Get a cancellation report with reasons for cancellation.
  • You can see the daily, weekly, and monthly growth of reservations. Watch your business grow right before your eyes.
  • All reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis or data export.
  • We are also flexible on adding new reports based on client requirements.
table reservation software

Customer and lead management.

Pxier platform includes both basic customer management or more advanced lead management, with a simple intuitive user interface to manage all customer and contact information from anywhere at any time. Pxier Event management platform design makes it easy to share customers between different modules.

Every customer can have one or more contact detail including email, phone, and other attributes. Track and manage customer sources and industry to make sure your marketing campaigns are effective.

Organize customers by customer type to easily configure different tax and gratuity rates. Optionally attach one or more files to a customer's profile and quickly share uploaded files with others via email. You can also easily create custom fields to suit your needs. Pxier also lets you import existing customer data and contact details via the CSV upload option.

table reservation software

Integration with Pxier Event platform

Pxier event platform consists of Event Booking, Meeting rooms reservations, Sales and Catering Management, Lead management, PMS Integration, Digital Signage System, Electronic Signature, Event Registration, Restaurant PO, and Table Reservations. One single and integrated platform to run your business efficiently and effectively.

table reservation software

Email Marketing

Our extended features allow you to send email marketing campaigns right from the Pxier platform. More specifically you can send targeted marketing email campaigns using Pxier.

Send personalized emails to the right people at the right time. There is no need to export and import customer information into various software.

Pxier software platform helps you target customers based on various criteria such as customer type, date & time of their last visit, etc.

Our email marketing email platform is highly reliable and backed by Amazon SES.

table reservation software

Corporate Customization

Our platform is incredibly flexible and can be customized to meet any additional requirements from corporate clients. Please contact us for more details.

Pxier Table Reservation Pricing.

table reservation software

$25 Staff Module Only


table reservation software

$40 With Online Widget


table reservation software

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