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Smart SPA Management

Pxier's SPA management solution is a one-stop solution to manage your SPA facility with ease. Its innovative features were designed to conserve time and improve efficiency. Tired of manually writing down appointment dates, sales reports, or employee salaries in a book or an excel sheet? It's time for an upgrade that will make everything run smoothly.

What We Provide

With Pxier, all your business information is at your fingertips. You can have an overview of transactions, bookings, packages, vouchers, work hours, inventory, client history, and more at a glance. Our SPA Management software provides countless benefits like making appointments without any confusion, speeding up transactions, knowing employee work hours and wages, client histories, and creating professional invoices at the click of a button.

Let Pxier SPA Management software save your time, money and labor so that you can invest them where it counts. Work has never been so relaxing!

SPA Management Software on Cloud

Pxier SPA management software is a web based application software service that is designed for SPA to effectively manage all aspects of business operation and improve their bottom line. The application service can be accessed using almost any browser enabled device with internet access. No additional server or software required, simply access the application using a browser. Simple and easy to use interface is intuitive and requires minimal training.

Desktop View of SPA Management Software

Feature Overview - SPA software

Pxier cloud based SPA software is a complete and user-friendly software solution to manage SPA facilities in Hotels and Independent providers.

Our SPA management software is a powerful tool that will remold your SPA facilities. SPA system is fully customizable and automates wherever possible so that you can save yourself from manually inputting information. Employees and managers will never get an reservations, transactions or task wrong because all the information is digital and can be made accessible with proper privileges.

Try our user-friendly meeting SPA booking system to simplify the reservation and sales processes in your SPA facility.

From appointment, POS, consent form, online reservation, classes, SPA packages, Email marketing, packages, invoices, and payments, the list of features run long.

SPA Appointment Calendar

Say goodbye to confusion and double bookings with our state-of-the-art calendar. Pxier SPA software calendar can view schedules by employees, room, daily, weekly, hourly and more.

icon of full featured pos

Full featured POS

Pxier SPA software include a full featured touch screen friendly POS module with easy to find transaction listing, customers, payments and credit, revenue posting to PMS or accounting systems.

User Management

Control, track, and limit user access using our user, group and access management option.

icon of spa customer crm

SPA Customer CRM

Detailed database of customer and contact details. Easily find customer transactions or appointments. Send automated notifications, reminders and marketing emails

icon of employee services

Employee Provided Services

Multi-level grouping of services provided by employees. Assign which employees can perform specific tasks. Configure services time, cost, number of staff required etc..

icon of products and inventory

Products and Inventory

Manage inventory and products through Pxier SPA software. System automatically adjust inventory upon sales, purchases and or transfers


Create custom SPA packages with multiple services and products. Allow packages to be consumed in single visit or multiple visit with one or more guests.

Coupons and Gift Cards

Sale and consumption of coupons and/or Giftcards through Pxier SPA software. In addition, advanced integration with third party customer rewards programs.

Multi-Property View

Display and manage the reservations, transactions for all properties by a single login. Share customer details between chain.


Add notifications to remind yourself, other system users and or customers of the SPA facility.

Email and Text Marketing

Send targeted marketing email and text message campaign from Pxier platform. Manage multiple templates and personalized messages to the right people at the right time.

Daily & Sales Reports

A variety of daily and sales reports provide all the details about your business. In addition, get overview of sales and performance with dashboards.

Customer Consent Forms

Send consent form with embedded electronic signature before the procedure. A signed consent form will protect both parties legally.

Online Booking Engine

Allow your customer to reserve online. Pxier online booking engine is quite flexible to adapt for your requirements

Manage Classes

If you have Yoga, Zumba or workout programs managed with attendees, our SPA software can handle it easily.

Online Class subscription

Our class management module include a complete online booking and management tools for the attendee with subscription management.

Integration with PMS systems

We currently have integration with many PMS system which allow you to avoid many manual steps.

Integration with Accounting systems

Pxier include many accounting reports and features but if you need integration with Quickbook, Xero etc, we have integration with them.

Open API Access

Pxier SPA module have a well developed RESTful API platform to pull and push data. This include most dataset available in our system.


In addition to all the feature available, we are quite flexible on customization to meet specific requirements.

Pxier SPA is a cloud based application
software service designed for SPA facilities in hotels or independent.

Software Features

Appointment Calendar

View the entire schedule for a day, week, or month at a glimpse with our intuitive color-coded calendar. Allow staff to view the calendar in the most suitable way for them. Rooms & resources can be managed automatically, demanding little to no input. Resources that are already booked, will be unavailable for the exact time slot, helping avoid scheduling conflicts & double bookings. Our filter option lets you filter between staff, packages, or rooms. Appointments can be changed with a simple drag and drop option. View booking notes and pop-up notes by drifting over each appointment. Employees can enter their break time slot, and our booking software will stop that time off from online booking. Pxier SPA management software offers you the power & flexibility your business demands.

Appointment calendar screen
  • Customizable and color coded Appointment statuses
  • Weekly, Daily and Hourly calendars
  • View calendars by employee, room and/or Shift
  • Add or View employee Break time
  • Manage SPA appointments
  • Manage Classes
  • Quick view of Weekly activities and notes
  • Drag and drop appointments
  • Create single or recurring appointments
  • View and manage appointment history of the customer
  • Multitude of validations to make sure accurate bookings.
  • Centralized Notes and comments for quick reference

POS (Sales transactions)

Appointments in Pxier SPA can be transferred to POS with a single click without manually re-entering information. In addition to previously registered appointments, system can also create and manage walk-in appointments and transactions. Pxier SPA checkout options include services provided by the employees, products purchased, gift cards and coupons sold and Packages purchased by the customers.
Pxier SPA POS module is a touch screen friendly and intuitive interface for the quick and easy management of cart, payment and checkout processes. Checkout can be done by cash, checks, credit cards, coupons, giftcards and more. Users can also add discounts, Tips on order level or item level. Cashback and refunds are also part the POS solution.

Sales transactions screen
  • Touch screen friendly and intuitive interface
  • Appointments can transferred to POS with single click
  • Add Walk-in Appointment or sales transactions
  • Easy to access complete history of the client.
  • Sell Services provided by the Employees, Products, Giftcards and Packages
  • Automatic inventory adjustments
  • Multiple payment and refund options.
  • Redeem coupons and gift cards.
  • Advanced Tip and discount options
  • Customizable transaction receipts and tickets printing
  • Invoice emailing option
  • Advanced tax configuration to meet specific requirements
  • Live Revenue posting with PMS or accounting systems

Sales and Appointment History

Pxier SPA software make it easy to find sales transactions or appointments. For quick view, we provided, today transaction, transaction of yesterday, last week and custom date, customer and user filters to quickly find information you are looking for. System allow display overview of daily sales activities group by transaction type (product, services, package, gift cards etc). This option allow users to work on multiple sales tickets same time and check-out them when ready.

Appointment history screen
  • 360 view of customer activities and transactions.
  • Listing of current days sales to manage quickly
  • Display of today, yesterday and current week transactions.
  • Custom date and search filters to get precise information.
  • Dashboard view of sales transaction data for quick overview.
  • Option to quickly Edit, Print or manage transactions

Payments, Receipt and Tickets

Pxier SPA software can be configured to run in Sales Tax or VAT format. In any case, system display receipt or ticket in a format optimized for the country and currency for the establishment. Pxier support most countries and currencies and government approved invoice/ticket formats.
When it comes to payment options, we have integration with many payment providers to accept credit and debit cards in store or online. Pxier does NOT take commission on sales transactions. With integrated payment, refund and payment cancelations are also possible. In addition, businesses can also accept payments through external payment terminal or manually key-in payment using cash, check, cards, bank transfers etc. Pxier configuration management allows you to create custom payment methods and charges and fee to meet specific requirement business may have.

Payments & receipt screen
  • Full support of Sales and VAT formats
  • Support most countries and currencies.
  • Country specific receipt formats optimization
  • Integrated POS Printing option
  • Integrated Payment terminal to accept payments
  • Option to swipe, key-in, re-use credit/debit cards on file.
  • Manual credit/debit card key in
  • Cash, Check, bank transfer payment options
  • Custom payment and charges configuration

Consent & Questionnaire Forms

Client consent forms will enable you to capture vital customer details and protect both your clients and your business. How well do you know your clients? When booking an initial visit, you may be able to collect clients’ basic details like their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. This information helps to reach the clients with relevant and personalized offers. You can design multiple templates, which can be selected based on the services required by the customer. All customers' responses will be automatically saved in Pxier SPA software and accessible before and after the appointment.
Beyond the contact information, it is essential to collect any information that may affect the safety or quality of your spa services. Are you aware of the possible allergies of your client? Other medical issues that you should be aware of? By asking relevant questions, you can have a better customize your services to fit the needs of your clients. The questionnaire of Pxier SPA software is completely customizable, and you can configure what information you want to collect from the customer. At the end of the questionnaire, the customer will be requested to electronically sign and confirm the accuracy of the information provided for the legal protection for the parties..

Consent & Questionnaire Forms
  • Customizable questionnaire for consent forms
  • Maintain multiple consent form templates for different services or activities
  • Automatic email notification when consent form submitted by clients.
  • Option for electronically sign consent form.
  • Easy access to past consent and resend request.

SPA Packages

Pxier allow you to manage and use SPA packages easily. Our highly customizable SPA package options allow you to offer different services and products with custom and competitive pricing. Each package can have one or more services as well as number of products. Packages can also have effective start and end dates, number of visits allowed and customers can choose single services within a package at a time or all services should be used in a single visit.
For Hotel SPA facilities using PMS integration can send revenue of individual item to PMS if desired while offering client single package price for proper revenue management.

SPA packages screen
  • Allow multiple services and products in single package.
  • Offer package pricing for group of items and services
  • Allow multiple visits for a single package.
  • Allow multiple customers to use the same package.
  • Optionally send revenue of individual items within package to PMS while offering single price to customers.

SPA Services provided by the employees

Pxier SPA software can be configured with variety of Services and activities to meet specific needs of the SPA facilities. Pxier allow multi-level hierarchical structure of services. Example: Accounting Groups, Services Groups, Services etc. Each service can be configured with name, description, duration, cost, employees required, tax rates and services can be reserved online. In addition, description for the online customers.
Employees can be assigned to specific services for more accurate booking management. SPA cleaning time can also be added to services and system include this while checking availability and booking reservation.

SPA image in desktop
  • Multi-level hierarchical structure of services and activities
  • Set employee who can perform specific services
  • Set cleaning time for individual services
  • Set number of employee required for a service
  • Set cost and duration of each service and allow or deny staff to override this setting.
  • Allow or deny online booking of specific services

Products and Inventory

Pxier SPA Management software keeps an eye on your stocks so that you don't have to panic at the last moment when you run out of supplies. Set a reorder level and you will be notified long before supplies are over. Automate it to make sure there is a constant supply of materials.
In addition to inventory management, products have number of attributes to track sales and reorder products and allow online sales.

Products & inventory screen
  • Manage product category and items
  • Keep track of Stock-level and get notified on low item quality
  • Set UPC code from barcode scanning
  • Use bar code scan to sell items
  • Advanced reports for inventory stock level
  • Sell items online.

Client Database (CRM)

Customers are at the heart of every thriving business. You need to know who is loyal to you and which clients bring in the most revenue so that you can focus your energy on them. Pxier's SPA client database has every detail of your client like their name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, transactions, dates of the previous visit, next appointment, number of visits, and types of services and packages they availed. Remember a 360 view of the customer is crucial for marketing and administrative decisions.
Customers and leads can imported into the system from external system as well exported to excel or csv formats.

CRM for SPA management software
  • Complete view of customer information.
  • All time history of the customers
  • View historical information about customers
  • Find past and future reservations and transactions
  • Create and view running notes on customer.
  • Collect and use marketing attributes to further utilize system
  • Two way customer sync between Pxier and PMS systems
  • Detailed reporting on revenue by customers

Employees, contractors and temporary staff

Pxier SPA solution allow you to manage permanent employee and temporary employees or contractors. Each employee can be configured with working days, working hours, break time, vacation days etc. Calendar color code allow you to quickly view who is working on a specific date and time.
In addition to regular staff, system can also allow you manage temporary employees or contractors schedules and appointments. SPA system allow you plan each contractor's work schedule for weeks and months ahead.
When SPA system configured with services provided by the employees, system will validate and limit appointments based on their services which avoid any confusion and provide proper services to the clients.

Employee management in SPA software
  • Manage employee working days and working hours.
  • Allow employee daily break-time and exceptions
  • Manage Vacations and off-working days and time
  • Color coded calendars for employee non-working time
  • Manage contractors and temporary staff
  • Manage schedule of contractors and temporary staff for any future date
  • System validation on employee time and services provided.
  • Various reports on employee schedule, appointment and services
  • Detailed reporting on revenue by staff

Flexible Price Groups and Offers

Pxier SPA software allow you to configure custom pricing based effective dates, day of the week and hours of the day. This allow you to setup price once and system automatically select price based on Weekday, Weekend or a special day pricing etc. Offers can be disabled and activated when necessary.
Each Products and services can have a price group assigned and when employee or online user book a service or product, system will compute price based on price group definition.

Price groups and offers screen
  • Allow automatic custom pricing by specific dates
  • Allow automatic custom pricing by specific days of the week
  • Allow automatic custom pricing by specific time of the day
  • Enable or disable pricing group on demand
  • Assign pricing groups to any services and products
  • Pricing group effect on both staff booking and online booking
  • Detailed reporting on revenue by pricing groups

Reports and Dashboards

Daily Reports Sometimes you have to micromanage to get things done. But that's exactly where Pxier comes in. It sends you daily reports on transactions, appointments, employees, packages, inventory, closing balance, etc. You will never be caught off guard again.
Sales Report The sales report feature keeps you updated on transaction and employee details. It also offers you summaries and graphs of the number and value of transactions, and also the performance of your employees. This includes number appointments for upcoming months by their statuses, sales by months or weeks, cancellations, products sold, bookings by employee etc.. Dashboards In addition to sales and summary reports, Pxier SPA software also include dashboards of different aspects of SPA business in quick overview. Our dashboard view have Employee/staff workload by weeks/month. Product and services sold for last few weeks and month, top selling services and products, Reservation forecast etc.

Report screen in SPA management software
  • Daily reports on every aspect of SPA business.
  • Multiple filters to slice and dice information
  • Account receivable, taxes and revenue reports for accounting team
  • Summary and sales reports on appointments, sales and projections.
  • Reports on cancellations and employee
  • Multiple dashboards view SPA performance and scheduling.
  • Revenue forecast
  • Custom reports without extra cost

Your own mobile APP

Full featured APP Most features available in Pxier cloud SPA software can also be used by our dedicated mobile app for SPA software solution.

Full This includes, mobile optimized calendar view, creating and managing reservations, creating transactions, checking availability and current bookings, reports, dashboards, reminders and notifications, daily closing reports and forms. setting and more.

SPA app

Download from Apple store Pxier SPA APP can be download from Apple store. And, its free to use for business subscribed to Pxier SPA and/or classes cloud software.

Download from google play
Like Apple store, Pxier SPA APP can also be download from Google play. And, its free to use for business subscribed to Pxier SPA and/or classes cloud software.

  • Pxier APP available to download from Apple store and Google play
  • Intuitive and mobile view of calendar interface
  • Easy to add and manage booking through mobile app.
  • Most browser options are available through app.
  • User specific dashboard and notifications
Notifications in SPA software

Notification & Reminders

Be notified every step of the way. You can notify your employees and yourself, through email or the software about every transaction and booking. With Pxier, you are always in the loop and there are no misunderstandings among employees about bookings, transactions or cash registers. Notifications and reminders can be automated so that everything runs like clockwork.

Daily register in SPA management software

Daily Register

Every day as you shut shop the software gives you a closing statement. You get a look at your opening balance, the amount of cash that was added to the register and the closing balance. You will never have to worry about errors or financial mismanagement ever again. employees can reconcile the error right away and make sure all transactions are matching with amounts in the cash drawer.

SPA software desktop screen

Experience a smarter way to manage SPA

With All-in-onePxierSPA Software

Extended SPA SystemFeatures

SPA Online Booking Engine

Services, Products and Packages Pxier SPA online booking engine allow you to reserve all or specific services to be booked by customers. Each Item can have a detailed description which allow customers to get complete information on service before reservation. Likewise products images can also be displayed on booking engine. In addition, cost, duration of the service will also be displayed online.

Intuitive calendar display SPA online reservation calendar display precise colored blocks to let customers easily find what date and time available for them to reserve. In the background, system consider employee availability, room availability, cleaning time if any, employee services, working date and time etc to make sure availability shown indeed bookable and there will not be any overbooking or conflicts.

Online Customers System allow past customers to login using their credentials. There are also other social media login methods like Facebook, google, outlook 365 etc available. If business prefer, system can also allow users to guest checkout. Multiple checkout options Depends configuration for each SPA businesses, system can be configured to accept credit card payments, cash or other checkout options. Credit card can also be stored in profile for a cancellation fee without actually charging the card at the time of the booking. After booking completed, system send automatic confirmation email to SPA administrator and the customer.

Other feature includes Minimum deposit percentage, display reservation policy, maximum days before users can book reservation, validation of room, employee availability etc..

SPA Online Booking
  • Highly customizable booking engine.
  • Intuitive UI calendar interface for easy booking and navigation
  • Services, products and Packages and booked and sold online
  • Various options to display or hide attributes to meet needs
  • Considerations of Employee break time and room clean time.
  • Through validation of availability and double booking.
  • Multiple ways to login by customers. Ie credentials, facebook, google etc
  • Checkout by cash, credit card and other methods.
  • Automatic notifications when online booking completed.

Manage Classes and Portal for Class Subscription

Easy to Book and subscribe Easy and Intuitive interface where clients see all available classes in one calendar which they can subscribe to. Class display current fill rate, maximum capacity, maximum subscription allowed. Color coded classes easily identify which one user subscribed already and which one they can subscribe. Filter options to narrow down time and type of class.

Various option to allow members to join classes and instructions for single, monthly or unlimited classes. Membership Subscription Users can manage subscription with supervision of business. Notification on outstanding subscriptions, new members and payments. Hassle free automatic monthly recurring payments. Additionally, payments can also charged when required through the admin portal.

Easy to Manage Easy to setup classes and assign instructors and staff. Simple to cancel or move classes for a specific date, few or all future dates. Simple to change instructors and room. A full featured System In addition to features specific to classes, system include touch screen friendly POS, reservation system, marketing tools, daily and sale reports, employee management, service and products management, notifications and reminders and integration with external systems like PMS and accounting systems.
Screen for yoga class setup
  • Allow booking classes by admin portal and user portal
  • Intuitive UI calendar interface for client portal
  • Easy to find available classes and capacity
  • Various filter option to see specific classes and time available
  • Easy to subscribe for monthly membership.
  • Notification on membership payment statuses
  • Simple to configure and setup classes and assign staff
  • Calendar view on admin portal to see all classes and members of each classes
  • All other features of the SPA (example: POS) available in Classes as well

PMS Integration

Easy to Book and subscribe Most hotels and chains have hotel management software called Property Management Systems or PMS. Pxier's Spa software for hotels can be integrated into these PMS systems. Pxier is perfect for hoteliers who want to save resources lost in manually managing multiple online channels. Pxier integration with PMS system allow automation of various task and works like a single platform. Some of these task include, Two way customer sync, pushing revenue from Pxier SPA to PMS systems, manage items and inventory in PMS while Pxier can pull necessary information when required.

PMS integration screen
  • Two way customer sync
  • Sync SPA revenue automatically
  • Live sync, daily sync and shift sync supported
  • Send revenue to specific PMS accounting category
  • Send revenue of individual items to PMS while charge customer as package.
  • Sync products,services, categories from PMS
  • Send Payments and deposits to PMS
  • Validation customer stay on online booking (optional)

Open API platform

Pxier team have fully developed an API (JSON) to push and pull data from your Pxier account to other external system with right access and credentials.

Pxier SPA software API module allow you update customers, reservations, transactions, create products and services etc.. API can also be used to extract transaction details, reservations, customers and any specific information required for additional reporting or external tools.
We are also flexible to add or extend API platform to meet specific requirement you may have.
API in SPA management software
  • RESTful Open API platform for SPA software
  • Access for any subscribed clients
  • Retrieve transaction, appointment and master data
  • Create and update customers
  • Add services and products
  • Date filters and customer filters
  • No limit on reasonable usage
  • Possible API enhancements upon request
Email marketing in SPA software

Email and Text message Marketing

Our SPA Management software empowers you with an integrated amazon backed marketing email and text message marketing campaign option. This option will lets you send newsletters directly to your customers. Win over customers with newsletters and direct email campaigns by offering gift cards, info on your latest services, attractive packages and more.

In addition to customers exists in SPA system, you can also import external list of potential customers by excel or CSV upload. Customer can also be classified and grouped for advanced email and text message targeting.

Customization in SPA management software


The Pxier SPA platform is user-friendly and flexible. Pxier provides you the freedom to organize the software to your needs. You can change everything from appointments to inventory and employee management to suit your unique requirements. Or if you prefer, our support team can do it for you.

In addition to a highly customizable admin portal, we can also accommodate certain customization request to specific needs of your business.

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Basic Setup
Number of Employees
2 - 4
5 - 9
10 - 15
Above 16
Support & Training
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Client History
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Graphic scheduler
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Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Invoice & Payment
Tic mark in SPA management software
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Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Graphic Schedule
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Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
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Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Daily & Sales Report
Tic mark in SPA management software
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Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
SSL Secure
Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Automatic Backup
Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Products & Inventory
Tic mark in SPA management software
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Tic mark in SPA management software
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Tic mark in SPA management software
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Tic mark in SPA management software
Payment Integration
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Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Tic mark in SPA management software
Gift Cards
Email Marketing
Quickbook Integration

** - Basic setup include all configuration except uploading services and inventory.

All prices are in US Dollars.


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