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Pxier's event proposal software and catering proposal template

Pxier's event and catering software is a tier ahead of the competition. Our cloud-based system lets you make event proposal templates and catering proposal templates on the go without any need for pre-installed software or additional hardware. Plus, great features like stunning event proposal templates, catering proposal templates, customer relation management, quotes, invoices, contract and agreements, versatile payment methods, and digital signature. It is a powerful tool to turn prospective customers into loyal clients.

Pxier event proposal software helps sales teams to streamline their workflow, attract clients, and beat the competition. Our event proposal software makes it easy to make a big impression. Generate more returns with colorful, detailed event proposals and save time with branded event proposal templates and catering proposal templates. Pxier event proposal software is cloud-based and mobile-friendly and can build branded event proposal templates. You can use it anywhere, anytime, on any web-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets.

Pxier offers flexible event proposal software that allows you to automate tasks. Nowadays, many event proposal software applications provide electronic signature features so your clients can look at your event proposals online and put in their e-signature.

catering and event proposal software

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Clear & Precise Catering Proposal and Quotes

Tell your customer what you offer and how much you will charge for it. Quote a price and a step-by-step breakdown of all the expenses. You can now ensure that the client is well-informed of all the costs of inventory, services, and products. Offer great discounts and packages to win over customers. Set up taxes and pricing options as per the needs of your clients.

Pxier event proposal software helps sales teams to streamline their workflow, attract clients, and beat the competition. Our event proposal software makes it easy to make a big impression. Generate more returns with colorful, detailed event proposals and save time with branded event proposal templates and catering proposal templates. Pxier event proposal software is cloud-based and mobile-friendly and can build branded event proposal templates.

There is a throw of other features that come in handy when using Pxier catering and event proposal software. For example, customer information can be imported from previous proposals and contracts, saving you the trouble of manually entering client information. You, your managers, or other authorized personnel can send a proposal with an e-signature to improve the authenticities of your documents with our event proposal software. Save time and build out functional event proposal templates with our leading event booking software.

Pxier Catering and Event proposal software Features

  • Maintain multiple templates in one or more languages. Create or select pre-built beautiful event proposal templates matching your vision or website with Pxier event proposal software.
  • Use placeholders (tags) for company detail, customer information, hotel room reservations, food items, services, A.V Equipment, rental items, or products that will appear in desired sections of the proposal.
  • Completely customizable proposal document formatting.
  • Embed full or partial invoice or quote in proposal with or without tax information and grand totals.
  • Embed terms and conditions. Placeholders for custom policies if certain conditions vary between clients.
  • Include price class and payment terms for loyal and frequent catering and event customers.
  • Email proposals and offers directly from the Pxier software portal. Pxier event proposal software allows you to create and maintain multiple email templates which automatically pre-populate client and business details.
  • Keep track of previous quotes and easily access Proposal versions using Pxier catering cloud storage.
  • Optionally include contract and e-signature on Proposals for your customers to sign contracts right from event booking or catering Offer/Proposal.
  • Get notifications when customers open email links or contracts signed electronically.
  • The complete history of past, current, and future proposals. Search, edit, copy event proposals on demand.
catering and event proposal software

Catering or Event Contracts

Once the customer likes your proposal, and all negotiations on costs and services are finalized, you can finally reach an agreement. With the Pxier event proposal software, the proposal can then be turned into a contract with few clicks and can be sent to the client digitally. If the client is satisfied with all the services and products, you can seal the deal.

Just like proposal templates Pxier also enables you to choose between a wide variety of stunning contract templates. Invoice details, a summary of charges, fees, order information, menu details, accommodation detail, event detail, setup detail, etc, are all displayed on the contract.

Pxier contract Features

  • Multiple customizable event contract templates are available to choose from
  • Dynamically include business details, customer information, hotel room reservations, food items, services, A.V Equipment, rental items, or products.
  • Optionally include an overview of events together with the type of event, guest count, and when and where.
  • Optionally include an overview or detailed catering services for each event with serving time, quantity, and rate.
  • Include event package offers with items included.
  • Include event setup and product and service details with description, quantity, price, and special instructions.
  • Include an overview of all charges and costs. Display Sales Tax or VAT and add any other costs involved.
  • Choose catering contract terms from available and configured policies.
  • Upload once and Pre-populate your signature that appears on the contract.
  • Include multiple client initials and signatures sections as required for your business.
  • Optionally include sections for co-signer(s) signatures.
  • Email contracts directly from Pxier and upload signed a contract to Pxier cloud storage for future reference.
  • Build contracts within minutes with pre-defined configurations.
  • Copy existing contract as new and modify as required.
  • Complete recurring options, monthly, weekly, daily recurring options.
catering and event proposal software

Cost-effective Electronic Signature for Events

The e-signature innovation has integrated with the Pxier platform. e-signatures are cryptographic tools used by a signatory to authorize or authenticate a contract, invoice, or document. Digital signatures are more capable than conventional e-signatures in providing security and trust services.

With the Pxier e-signature feature, a client does not have to print out a contract, sign it and fax or mail it. The contract can be e-signed by the client and sent back to you in a matter of seconds. Pxier notifies you when an email with the contract link is received, opened, or signed by a prospective customer. It even tells you if the client has refused to sign the document. This feature allows you to track the proposal and contract once you have sent it to the customer.

Pxier Electronic Signature Features

  • Pxier's electronic signature option is highly cost-effective, and NO need to pay for individual contracts or signatures.
  • Pxier e-Sign can be emailed to the client through the Pxier portal for the client to sign or, the client can sign at your premises using a PC, IPAD, or mobile device.
  • Our electronic signature software was completely mobile-optimized, and clients can sign the document using their mobile phone, tablet or PC, or Mac.
  • Pxier e-Sign allow you to configure for multiple signature and initials. For example, each paragraph must have initials and a signature at the bottom.
  • When customers open the e-signature link, sign the document, or refuse to accept conditions, they will get notifications.
  • Signed contract safely stored on Amazon cloud and available for you to access for future reference while the client can print when completed.
  • If mutually agreed to modify the signed contract, the Pxier portal allows you to cancel the signed contract and send it again to sign the altered contract.
catering and event proposal software

Cloud storage

  • Pxier Portal integrated with Amazon cloud storage. This allows you to store any documents, images, or business files safely stored and accessible from anywhere on demand.
  • Our amazon backed cloud storage has ample space available to store the important document.
  • You can connect documents to your clients or client contract for easy drill down to track all documents.
  • Upload files can be shared with clients and colleagues easily.
  • Signed electronic signatures are automatically uploaded to Pxier / Amazon cloud storage for future references.
catering and event proposal software

Customer and Lead history

Pxier has an advanced client and leads management option. These options include.

  • Customer/Company and contacts: A company can have one or more contacts.
  • Client Dashboard: Quick overview of client's business information like how much confirmed or proposal amounts, loss ratio, etc.
  • Capture marketing attributes like lead source, industry.
  • Custom fields: create a custom field in addition to standard fields.
  • Upload files and logo to the customer profile.
  • Create running notes and comments for future reference. Keep a history of conversations.
  • Integration with outlook365 and read client email directly from Pxier portal.
  • Advance lead management options like rate lead, set status, create a task to contact the lead, create events to meet leads, notes, attachments.
  • Send emails to lead and track if they open the email, click the link, etc.
  • Convert the lead to customers.
  • Lead can be imported from external sources.
catering and event proposal software

Proposal and contract history

  • Pxier event proposal software keeps all current, future, and last three years of proposals, contract in the system. If you would like to keep a longer history (for example, past seven years), it is feasible.
  • Pxier allows you to search any quote or proposals created in the systems by customer, company, phone number, email address, or reference number.
  • Any changes to contracts or, proposals can be tracked through our auditing. The audit process reveals the original value, the new value, the date and time of change, and who changed.
  • Past contact/proposals can be copied to create new proposals and contracts with few clicks and modify required information. This process helps you create new contracts in minutes.
catering and event proposal software

Integrated email marketing

  • Pxier partnered with Amazon SES (email services) to send cost-effective but highly performing marketing emails through the Pxier portal.
  • Create and manage any number of email templates.
  • Email templates can be a simple text message or a well-formatted Html document with images and CSS information.
  • Custom tags are used in templates to personalize email for each customer.
  • Pxier integration allows you to target specific customer types, type events, recent customers, all customers, etc.
  • You can also upload an external list with an email address and name.
catering and event proposal software

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