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Pxier Catering is a cloud based software solution designed to manage your catering business needs from enquiry through lead management, customer management, contract, invoicing, payment, customer feedback and more. Manage pickup, delivery, full service catering and any custom services you offer. Easy to use, access anytime, anywhere using most browser enabled devices with internet access.

No hardware to purchase or software to install, simply login when you need. Simple yet powerful tool lets you streamline and organize day to day operations and improve efficiency. Pxier's cloud based design means you have all your business data at your fingertips to help make informed decisions quickly.

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Customer and Contacts

Gone are the days of phonebooks, ledgers and excel sheets. You need an all in one solution with a simple intuitive user interface to manage all customer and contact information from anywhere at any time. Pxier catering software design makes it easy to select an existing customer or create a new one right from the contract. Every customer can have one or more contact detail including email, phone, and other attributes. Track and manage customer sources and industry to make sure your marketing campaigns are effective. Organize customers by customer type to easily configure different tax and gratuity rates by type. Optionally attach one or more files to a customer profile and quickly share uploaded files with others via email. Easily create custom fields to suit your needs. Pxier also lets you import existing customer data and contact details via the CSV upload option.


Pxier Catering software is designed to efficiently and effectively manage your catering operations. Manage all your catering needs including in-house catering, external venue catering, takeout, delivery, and any other customized catering service you may offer. Use an existing venue or easily create new venues with a complete address. Track and manage all the details for a catering event order like date, start time, end time, number of guests, minimum guests, etc. Easily add detailed comments to the contracts, invoices or other documents for every catering event. This ensures all event details are documented, understood and agreed to. Quickly view monthly catering engagements and their booking status using the event calendar.

In-house catering

Offer catering events and services at your location. Include sit down custom food and beverage catering service, room or hall setup, cleanup and staff arrangements, custom rental, and services. Food during in-house services is most likely prepared in your kitchen managed by your staff

Off-site catering

Carry out Off-site or external venue catering service as per customer requirements. Depending on the business model this could include a full-service catering option or a scaled-down version. Food is generally prepared by your staff at or near the event venue.

Take out & Delivey

Undertake or pick-up catering orders customers request at your site. This generally does not include any special services.

Deliver catering orders to the event venue. Although delivery orders generally do not include other services, our software has features to rely on, in case a customer requests it.

Food and Beverages

Pxier's revolutionary design organizes and manages food and beverage menu data with ease and efficiency. Choose a menu master from an existing template or make one on the fly with our user-friendly software. The menu master allows you to include the pricing and cost of your products and services on the menu. Try out our trademark menu wizard, it makes menu creation as simple as selecting a desktop wallpaper. With this feature, users can simply cut and paste item details on to a menu template thus saving a very significant amount of time and energy. Our cloud-based solution also enables you to add special comments on the catering event orders to ensure all details are mentioned to the kitchen staff. Pxier catering software also allows you to set additional nutritional details or ingredient information for each menu item. This catering software comes with a lot of configurations to simplify your operations. Set tax rates for all menus across the board or use the option to configure different tax rates for specific menus. For example, you can have a different tax rate for alcoholic beverages. You can also create custom menu units to fit your business needs. Generate work orders for the kitchen or optionally use the caterers portal to access the menu and setup details for an event. This design works well with both internal and external caterers and offers an option for kitchen staff to access event menu details in real-time.

Services and Rentals

The Services and rental feature lets you build a master list of all the services and product rentals you offer. All services and products in the master are available for selection during a catering contract. You even have the option to add a service or product to a contract on the fly without having to add it to the master. Easily update quantity, price, description, and cost.

Just like the other features, the key is simplicity and intuitive design. This makes it easy to add and remove a service on a contract. You even have the option to make a service charge taxable or non-taxable, and this could be done across all contracts as a policy or changes can be made for a specific contract. Add unlimited special comments for services and product rentals so that there are no misunderstandings.

Offer Catering Packages

Catering packages are a great marketing tool to provide personalized and creative options for your customers. A well-planned package solution can boost your sales and improve profits.

Pxier's catering solution can build a package with a combo of both food & beverage as well as services & product rentals offered at special prices. Pricing can be determined as per an entire catering event or be charged per person. Pre-defined packages can be incorporated into events with a click of a button.

Catering Invoice

Generate consistent and professional invoices with company logo and other standard details. Gone are the days where you had to use Word or Excel to create an invoice. Pxier's catering software will auto-generate invoices based on the input provided to the system. The system also generates a long-form invoice with all the additional details that you may require.

Our software is highly flexible and it can adapt to any need that arises in a hectic business like catering. Use flat tax rates for all clients or configure tax and gratuity rates by customer type. A typical example would be to charge different tax and gratuity rates for non-profit organizations. Pxier can also be configured to selectively tax, venue rental, food and beverage, and services & rentals. Easily record payments, refunds, discounts, special charges and more with our catering software management.

Invoices can be emailed to your customers directly from Pxier catering. And with the integrated payment solution, customers can pay you using an online payment option from the invoice page.

Payment Integrations

Payments can be logged in manually, with a terminal device or online payment integration option. If you have an existing POS system not integrated with Pxier you can key in the payments manually. Payments are registered right away in the system and balance is recalculated instantly. Easily configure payment options you accept including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, check, cash and more.

Terminal - Highly competitive rate

Pxier has partnered with well-reputed payment processors like Vantiv - Mercury payment (the second-largest payment processor in the United States) to bring down the rates of services to our clients. Pxier payment integration will eliminate the need of entering payment details manually into the system with the card present option, avoiding any error and saving a lot of time.

Custom Contract Templates

Pxier catering software offers the option to generate, print and email contracts for any catering event. Choose from available contract templates to offer professional and consistent contracts. We also offer specialized services to create a custom contract template to suit your needs. Adding a logo, contract terms and conditions have never been so easy.

Customize Contracts

Pxier gives you a window to constantly monitor, configure and manage contracts and payment statuses. A contract has multiple sections that you can choose to include or exclude. This includes your logo, business information, customer information, catering event details, food & beverage, setup, services, rental information, administration, payment section, terms & condition, and signatures section. The system also offers an option to add up to five different pre-configured terms and conditions which you can use depending on the type of event and customer.

Traditional Printed Contracts

Takedown notes on any catering event contract or slips for in-house use. The system offers many other standard and advanced features to efficiently manage your catering business. Easily customize any labels on a contract as required. Use an optional cloud storage feature to upload, organize and manage any catering event-related file. Advanced audit optional feature lets you track every change on a contract just by logging in. The system stores every change and backs up old value. It also updates the new value and records the name and details of the user who made the changes along with the time at which the change was made. If a customer wants to repeat an order you can easily duplicate a previous contract using the copy contract feature and reuse it with a few clicks.

Go green - eSigned contracts and file sharing

A print option is available but all documents including contracts, invoices, function sheets or event orders can be sent to customers digitally thus saving paper. Customize the email content by updating the provided template as you see fit. The customer will receive an email with a link to the document you shared. They can view it by simply clicking on the link. The Cloud storage and extended audit option let you send any uploaded files or audit reports to your customer email id or other email addresses.

Function Sheets Or Banquet Event Order

Generate function sheet or banquet event order in no time. This document can be used to layout all the event planning details. Decide when what will happen and who will be required with this feature. This document is usually shared with customers for their approval. The system uses existing contracts, catering events, menus, services & rental details along with additional information and special instructions to generate a well laid out plan. Multiple custom sections can be added such as general information, vendor details, hall arrangement, lobby or venue arrangement, menu & bar instructions, special instructions, final notes, and event planner or event coordinator details, to ensure clarity. The function sheet or event order has multiple sections that can be included or excluded from the generated document. You also have the option to print each section either half-width or full width. Optionally, you can also print the catering menu without printing other sections.

Scheduler or Calendar

Event scheduler or calendar is a key Pxier catering software feature used to view and manage all your orders. The calendar gives a monthly snapshot of all events you have taken up. Every event is displayed with a color-coded booking status. Just by looking at the color, a user will know the status of a catering order. Authorized users can manage everything related to the order from the calendar. They can create a new order or edit an existing one.

Email contract or invoice and add, update or delete venue and event details, package or food & beverage and service rental information with the press of a button. Users can also key in or log payment details, refunds, discounts, additional charges, and fees. If the need arises to print function sheet or event order, it can be done too.

Easily search for orders on your system using the search button and provide one of the search criteria or click on the calendar month and date to view bookings easily. You have the options to book multiple catering orders for the same day or booking multiple catering orders under the same contract


Record costing for a catering event. Cost details can be noted for an event venue, in case they are included as part of your service. You can also capture cost details for the catering menu, services, and product rentals. All these details can be accessed via the costing report.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks to break down and organize catering events successfully. Tasks can be assigned to staff members and marked to be completed by a certain date and time. Task reports make it easier for the management to keep track of how an event is progressing.


Result comparison reports allow comparing key business data across different quarters or months to review the business progress. Pxier is committed to quality software and we constantly work with our customers to help them be more efficient. A variety of daily reports and sales reports provide all the specifics about your business. Authorized users can access the account anywhere and at any time so that they have access to the business data for making quick informed decisions. The most commonly used reports include event listing reports for upcoming events, the payment received, accounts receivable and customer listings. Sales reports give you the latest sales data including how much you have sold, which product or service sold the most, and the sales revenue forecast. We can also build custom reports for your specific needs.


Dashboards offer a snapshot of your business performance data. This gives top management a birds-eye-view of their business. For example, one quick look at the dashboard can inform them about upcoming catering events, the number of confirmed events versus proposed and canceled events. Looking at the dashboard they can quickly decide if things are running as expected or needs further investigation. There are many other snapshots on the dashboard highlighting some of the key trends.

User and Access control

Pxier offers options to control user access so that you restrict the number of types of users and the kind of information they are privy too. You can control the level of access each user has. Depending on the size of the organization you can create and manage access groups and assign users to specific groups. Users will inherit all the access assigned to that particular group. Pxier accounts can be configured so that user groups such as kitchen, sales, accounting, and management staff, all have different access privileges. You can even create users with read-only privileges for customer and contract/event data. Read-only users can view but cannot edit contracts or customer data.

Online Reservations

Reach out to your potential customers by offering online reservations from your website. Pxier online reservation option makes it easy to let your customers book services from your website or blog. The in-built online reservation wizard guides customers through the booking process. Customers can select the date of the event, food & beverage, services & rentals and any special instructions they would like to include. After the selection, the customer is asked to provide contact and billing information, they have the option to make an online payment or simply submit their request without payment. The system can be configured to make the minimum payment or just accept the request as a proposal.

Configured users or a list of users will receive an email notification regarding the online order. Authorized users have the option to review and accept or reject the online order.

eSignature contracts

Pxier designed the e-signature module for catering software to simplify the process of getting contracts signed by customers electronically. Instead of printing and faxing contracts to customers and making them return signed contracts by scanning or faxing, you can use Pxier eSignature solution to get customers to instantly sign and return contracts electronically.

The system makes it easy to send emails to customers with access, to review contracts online. They can then accept and agree to the terms and conditions and send the document over digitally with their initials and e-signatures. Each step of this process can be tracked from a catering event program. Signed contracts are stored on the Amazon cloud safely and can be viewed and printed from any internet-enabled devices with appropriate access.

Cloud Storage

Pxier catering software offers cloud storage backed by Amazon cloud and enables you to open uploaded documents on any device from any location. No longer are your documents in the wrong place. This universal secure access gives you the flexibility to work and review where and when you want. Gone are the days of sending emails to transfer documents.

Pxier cloud storage allows you to attach relevant documents to a customer record, contract, lead, menu and other entities. You can find documents by searching for a partial customer name, phone number, email, contract reference number, etc. You can easily share documents with clients or colleagues via email using predefined email templates.

Audit and Change Tracking

Your data is critical to your business. When only one or two users are accessing the system you can limit mistakes and errors. But, when many users are adding and modifying information, a lot can go wrong. The audit feature gives the option to keep a track of important data input changes. The system can generate instant reports to know who changed which data input and when they changed it.

Pxier's enhanced catering auditing option keeps track of every attribute change on contracts, events, menus, services, payments and more. Authorized users can

quickly view every change on the contract. This change report can be easily filtered by attribute or by the user who modified the data. This result can also be printed and shared via email with a few clicks.

Portal for Kitchen Staff or Vendors

Our integrated portal for the kitchen staff or external caterers allows them to view scheduled events, services, and catering menu details without requiring them to log in to the main system. Improve your service by allowing them to access food and beverage details for every event they are serving.

Your caterers or kitchen staff will be able to view details of events you would like them to have access to. You can control what caterers can see and regulate it from the main software portal.

Your kitchen staff or caterers have the option to view the events that are being served in real-time on their workplace screens. This is a must-have option for an effective and efficient catering service.

Customer Feedbacks

Bring the "voice of the customer" into your business. Use customer feedback to improve your setup, food, and services. Customers who have had a great experience with your service keep coming back and are more likely to refer friends and family to your business.

With Pxier catering software, managing customer feedback is extremely easy. Send a set of predefined feedback questionnaire to the customer with easy to fill buttons. Customers can review and submit their feedback from their mobile phone, iPad, PC or Mac. You can view their overall rating, detail review, and comments or referrals right from the software.

Inventory Management

Our inventory management solution is included in the catering software. You can easily keep track of equipment rented out to customers. With this feature, you can also manage stock levels of inventory items for both catering events and internal use. This module will allow you to keep track of and control every item in your inventory.

You can organize inventory items by category and also manage price, cost, and quantity. Also, you can identify if items are taxable or not. You can mark an item inactive if it is no longer offered.

Optionally, used inventory items can be made unavailable until they are added back to the inventory. Pxier offers an easy way for authorized personnel to add items back to the inventory after the event.

Catering Packing List

Efficiently plan and successfully execute all your offsite catering events using the Pack List feature. This feature allows you to relate dependent inventory items so they are automatically included for the event. For example, for a buffet dinner menu, you may want to include dish, silverware, glass, bowl, and napkin. Pack list lets you relate the buffet dinner menu to each of these inventory items in the desired quantity. Before a buffet dinner connect menu and related items to the Pack List. Easily print out the pack list and ensure you do not miss any inventory items for the event.

Google Calendar

Publish upcoming events on google calendar directly from the pxier event management system. Option to select system users and customers to be notified of the event.

Appointment Scheduler

Get organized with our visual calendar and view and manage appointments. Schedule appointments with customers, event planners, decorators, florists, chefs and others. Send out instant email notifications or schedule the system to send newsletters.

QuickBooks Integration

Automatically transfer customers, transactions, invoices and payment details to the QuickBooks accounting software. Easily configure your account to identify taxable and non-taxable items. Keep your business accounts in sync and up to date.


Add notifications to remind yourself and other system users. Schedule when and whom to notify and the system will remind the users when they log in or optionally notify them via automated emails as requested.

Lead Management and CRM

Pxier Lead management for catering allows you to create a lead, load leads, and add custom attributes to fit your business needs. A lead task can be created and assigned to the right personnel. The lead event allows users to schedule meetings and other events with potential customers. Lead management includes these and many more functionalities. Easily convert potential leads to customers with just one click, no need to re-create customers from leads manually. Pxier Events can easily migrate data.

Professional Proposal Templates

Pitching a proposal for a venue or catering event is a crucial part of running a catering business. This is where you leave your first impression and you must give them the best you can offer. Perhaps you are used to painstakingly creating proposals on other software but Pxier was designed to make sure that everything, including the most laborsome tasks, is easy as a breeze. We have a variety of proposal templates to select from depending on the event, product or service you are trying to sell. The templates are highly customizable and detailed giving you the freedom to add info on the venue and address, the amenities you provide, the services you offer, and the specific price for the whole event and a detailed breakdown of individual costs. For example, if you are hosting a buffet dinner, you can mention the venue and its highlights, the arrangement types you are willing to offer in the halls, the types of food and beverages that will be served, service and rentals like projectors and speakers, and much more. So don't worry about impressing your client and turning a lead into a contract, with Pxier's professional proposal feature, you will reel in any customer you pitch a proposal to.

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*** In most cases we can transfer data from your existing application, CSV or Excel for free.

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