Desk booking system overview

Want to optimize your working environment for an increasingly mobile workforce? With the Pxier desk booking system, you can provide an effortless desk reservation experience that enables agile activity-based working. Pxier desk booking system supports fixed, flexible, and bookable workspaces. The Pxier Workspace Reservation System makes it easier for employees to book meeting rooms, conference rooms, desks, and any reservable workplace service from the Client Portal. As an admin, you can manage resources, users, groups, access restrictions, reporting and many more features and activities on the workspace reservation system.

Interactive floor plan

Pxier desk booking system offer an interactive floor plan comprises of office layout floor by floor with an dynamic booking element that uses hot spots and color coded desk statuses and point and click to add or move intractions.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Calendar

Color coded and intractive view of booking by day, week or month. View calendars of team members with limited access. Drag and drop feature to easily reschedule booking.

Advanced user, group and access management

Limit access to resources through business rules and controls. Utilize customizable business rules for managing who has admittance to which space, and when, to help neighborhoods.

Security and Privacy standard

Pxier desk booking system have a very tight data security and privacy standards. Fully Compliant with GDPR, The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and PIPEDA policies. Accesses logged and can be monitored by the administrators.

Single sign-on or Login option

Pxier desk booking system is configured to work with Single Sign-on with your corporate LDAP or other single sign-on software and eliminate the need to maintain passwords in external systems. Microsoft Azure Active Directory, google cloud identity etc.

Reports and Dashboards

In-depth reporting and analytics to see how spaces are being used. Reports that provide different insights into your employees, workspace usage, bookings, and optionally invoices.

Pxier open API access

For corporate clients, Pxier developed open rest API to retrieve data for reporting or internal usage. Or push data to manage content or resources.

Software Integrations and customization

Pxier has integration with many third-party software and possibly share data between your existing platforms and Pxier platform. In addition, we are flexible to customize feature to meet your exact needs.

Outlook and google calendars

Optionally, sync outlook365 or google calendar automatically. Merge bookings from these calendars to Pxier calendar.

Notification and reminders

Automatic notification and reminders for the upcoming booking and meeting.

Payment integration

For required customers, Pxier platform have integration with many popular payment providers to accept payments online.

Extended meeting room reservations

In addition to desk booking, Pxier platform provide advanced meeting room booking features.

Desk Booking System features

Desk Booking System features

  • Intractive floorplan to view and manage daily booking.
  • Through an intuitive color-coded weekly or monthly calendar observe your room scheduling in a day-by-day, a weekly, or a monthly view.
  • Easily reserve one or more desks within the access level.
  • View past, present, and future reservations.
  • Within the access level, the user can look up the schedule of co-workers.
  • Schedule recurring desk booking. Example: every Thursday for the next 5 weeks.
  • Automatically seat colleagues by role or project team, while still granting them the adaptability to adjust their desk if they like.
  • Manage space utilization with push notifications asking employees to confirm reservations.
  • Filter workspaces based on location, available services and resources. Example: whiteboards, monitor etc.
  • Optionally fill-up health related or other questionnaire by the employees before they reach the workspace.
  • Drag and drop booking from one desk to other or different date or time.
  • With right access, create desk booking for the entire team within seconds.
Pxier desk booking system offers complete flexibility when it comes to a summary of your bookings. The booking framework shows a graphical representation of your bookings. Each booking is displayed by a colored block within the framework. The position of each block in the framework shows the space which has been booked. In addition to the single day-by-day view, the Pxier desk booking system also includes a multi-day view and monthly overview. Detailed booking summary and reporting is also part of the our desk booking system.
Desk Booking System

Detailed Administrator Portal

  • A complete view of locations, rooms, and availability. Filter workspaces based on location, space type, capacity, and features.
  • Color-coded and intuitive calendar with many filter and display options. Daily, Weekly, Monthly calendar
  • Control and communicate desk availability through roles and access.
  • Limit reservation availability access to desk or sections for specific user groups.
  • Grant dedicated desks to individual.
  • Allow group access to certain desks
  • Configure the Bookings widget to display different types of reservable spaces which employees can reserve.
  • Configure a broad range of usual services that are available with the reservable spaces.
  • Configure reservable modules to group the same types of reservable spaces.
  • Block reservations for certain desks during maintenance period.
  • Disable booking for non-working days or holidays with exceptions.
  • Optionally send notifications to admins when bookings created or edited.
  • Set a safe capacity for the rooms to optimize resource utilization.
  • Set number of reservations can be done by department, group or individual within a month.
Admin can view the desks that are reserved, available, or blocked in real-time. They can create, delete or modify any reservations if reqired. At any time the admin can view which employees have occupied the space. Filter on precise locations and find available meeting rooms with color-coded interactive floor plans. On the admin side, you can limit the accurate capacity for each building. This limit will not exceed, and you can easily modify it whenever you want. Maintain space usage with push notifications asking employees to verify reservations. Browse and see a list of the current reservations to see what spaces are unoccupied. Manage bookings across buildings and filter available rooms by location, capacity, or free resources and services. Track the usage of any space using the Pxier desk booking system including who is utilizing it and how long.
Desk Booking System

Meeting Space Booking

  • Intuitive color-coded weekly or monthly calendar to manage meeting room reservation.
  • Easily reserve meeting room with proper access.
  • View past, present, and future meeting reservations and guest list.
  • Invite co-workers for meetings and events and send automated notifications.
  • Reserve services and equipment like projectors or whiteboards along with reservations.
  • Manage space utilization with push notifications asking employees to confirm reservations and upcoming events.
  • Accomplish hybrid meetings with the facility to select available meeting space based on location, attendee profiles, etc.
  • Allows break time on your schedule which includes coffee beaks and lunch breaks.
  • Our Digital Signage addon feature offers a real-time display of your ongoing and forthcoming room bookings on screens around your facility!
  • Room capacity and resource validation.
  • Allow merging or splitting room for bigger meetings.
A complete and user-friendly, cloud-based meeting room booking software gives a next-generation solution to keep your corporate meeting organized. The meeting room booking system is fully customizable and automates wherever possible so that you can save yourself from manually inputting information. Employees and managers will never get an order or task wrong because all the information is digital and can be made accessible to employees. Try our user-friendly meeting room booking system to simplify the room booking processes. Pxier’s meeting room booking system sorts out your organization from the hassles that come with managing your rooms. In addition to simply booking rooms and resources, booking system have host of features like event proposal, contract management, catering menus, and event planning to email marketing, packages, invoices, and payments, the list of features run long.
Desk Booking System


  • Create reports to track the booking inquiries over time.
  • Generate reports that provide different insights into your employees, workspace usage, bookings, and invoices.
  • With occupancy and utilization reporting, acknowledge to subjects like, do you want more space, which workspaces are most recommended, and who’s in the office and when.
  • Make choices when you see how your space is being used. Whether you are looking to improve, reduce, or manage your office space, you can simply stay up to date with how your employees use the office.
  • Provide your employees the data to do their best work with admittance to dashboards that show times the office is most hectic, based on real data. Understanding how you work sufficiently, whether in a busy office environment or a calm one. You can use these insights to create resolutions regarding when and where you need to work.
  • Cancellation reports show all the cancellations over a specific date range and trends.
  • Reservation summary reports of employees and more.
Pxier desk booking system can directly generate a broad range of reports and statistics at the click of a button. These reports provide a comprehensive insight into every aspect of your booking system. You can see how your spaces are functioning, see which dates and booking types are most common, view your most dynamic employees, keep track of paid and outstanding invoices, and more! Reports have added filtering options enabling you to go down to a particular date range or booking type, etc.

Low, simple pricing

Pxier Desk booking system pricing is quite simple and straightforward. Pricing is per location / per desk / per month.


Per desk / Per month

For up to 200 desks to manage.


Per desk / Per month

Over 200 desks to manage.

Desk Booking System

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