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Catering Menu

Manage Menu Group

Manage Master Menu

Manage Menu Details

Manage Menu Unit


Create New contract

Modify Contract

Delete Contract

Search Contract

Copy Contract

Email Contract

Print Contract

Add Event to a Contract

Modify Event in a Contract

Delete Event from Contract

Add Menu for an Event

Modify Menu for an Event

Delete Menu from Event

Manage Contract Status

Manage Event Names

Manage Contract Messages

Customer Management

Create New Customer

Edit/Delete Customer

Search Customer

Add Contact

Edit Contact

Delete Contact

Manage Customer Types

Manage Business Contact

Getting Started

Getting Started


Print Invoice

Add Service/Rentals

Modify Service/Rentals

Remove Service/Rentals

Add Payment or Charges

Manage Notifications

Search Notifications

Sending Bulk Email

Manage Packages

Online Reservation


How it works

Plugin code

Website form setup

Quick Books

QB Configuration

QB Connector Setup


Process Reports

Weekly Events

Customer Listing

Food Menu

Client Report

Sales Report - by Rep

Sales Report - by Type

Sales Report - by Hall


Manage Payment Mode

Manage Hall Setup

Manage Hall Setup Styles

Manage Service & Rentals

Manage Payment Status

Manage Set Countries

Manage Preferences

Manage Charges and Fees

Manage Tax

Manage Logo

Manage Set Policy Remarks

Manage Users

Manage User Groups

Manage Granting Page Access

Manage Set Group Access

Manage ReSet User Password

Manage Merged Hall