In-depth Menu configuration

In-depth Menu configuration.

Pxier catering software and restaurant POS system allow you to break down the following Menu categories, catering menu, and menu details. Each menu can have additional menu descriptions.

The menu can be categorized for catering, dine-in, takeout, delivery, optional menu entries. Assign accounting groups for individual menu categories to track item revenue by accounting systems

Save Time with an easy-to-do Menu

Add, copy, and organize menu items with few clicks, and automatically synchronize these modifications to your POS system. Plan menus to include specials for certain times of the day or to adjust with the seasons.

Enhance the Customer Experience with Personalization Features

Detailed menu descriptions help servers answer customers' questions and give simple suggestions. Servers can quickly accept special requests with custom modifiers.

Simplified Processes with POS Integrations

Integration with kitchen hardware permits you to route orders to precise BOH stations by menu category or item. And Pxier inventory management feature informs you when it’s time to reorder inventory.

Allergen information

Allergen information

Allergens are put on the ingredient level. All recipes and menus that you produce can have up-to-date allergen information. Changes can be incorporated easily on demand.

Pxier food labels take some assumptions out of label reading, helping your customers quickly identify foods that could cause an allergic reaction. Our menu management lets you assign allergen and other food labels with image icons that make it simple for the end-users to quickly filter out items they are allergic to. These icons will be displayed on the individual menu in the ordering system. Also, our online ordering system allows customers to filter on and exclude food items that could cause an allergic reaction or they would like to avoid.

Allergen labels

Our food allergen management system has built-in tools to make conveying food allergens easy. Share allergen information through allergen labels.

Comprehensive information integration

Allergen checks and nutritional reports are integrated at all levels: ingredient, recipe, and menu.

Build Your Recipe Library

Create entire cost and portioned recipes with step-by-step methodologies and dietary info. Allergen and Nutrition labels are created automatically.



The benefit of the dietary management feature of the Pxier Inventory management system for catering business is that it can provide precise nutrition facts and labeling using our extensive database and food science technology. These resources allow you to provide information based on the nutrition facts of each ingredient and the percentage used in your recipe. If your product is fried, coated, or salted, you’ll more than likely need to get your nutritional information due to the product’s complexity. This information can be printed on catering menu listings for the clients or web ordering system.



Typically a meal consists of several different foods, some of which may be recipes that contain multiple ingredients. In the Pxier Inventory management system for catering business, calorie and nutrient values for meals can be calculated by entering the values for the individual ingredients.

Our recipe nutrition and calorie calculator combines ingredient data with USDA recommendations to provide you with accurate and in-depth nutritional information. You can override this information when required to optimize the information provided.

Inventory/Stock Adjustment

Inventory/Stock Adjustment

Effective inventory control is one of the most relevant ways your business can ensure the financial data you rely on for reporting, forecasting, and auditing plans is perfect, accurate, and up-to-date. And one of the most crucial parts of any thriving inventory system is the use of stock adjustments. The process is not complex, but ensuring it has been done properly can save you from unwanted disappointment and expensive delays in today’s data-driven business environment.


Like a ship navigating in a heavy blow, inventory sometimes needs tiny adjustments to stay on course. Knowing and implementing inventory adjustments precisely assures your business has the information it requires for reliable financial statements, more loyal decision making, and process improvements-today, and in the future.

Item/Inventory Management

Item/Inventory Management

Here comes the perfect time to provide yourself with significant inventory management software.


It’s quick and easy to add and manage your products with Pxier. Add products directly via Pxier's interface or upload them with just a couple of clicks. Filter inventory items by category or status. Ensure stock lists are maintained correctly and kept up to date by marking Inventory items inactive when no longer in use.


Creating inventory groups lets you categorize inventory items. Our comprehensive reporting lets you observe what’s selling and what’s not, so you can calculate trends, make savvy buying decisions and keep your stores stocked with products that sell.

Recipe Management and Wastage

Recipe Management and Wastage

It’s no secret that the catering industry works on especially thin margins. Every small percentage counts.Updating recipes, sadly, is time-consuming. Ingredient costs, on the other hand, change periodically. So without frequent updates, you have no concept of profitability at all. With Pxier recipe management you can swipe the food costing of your base.When ingredients vary, all recipes and menus with that ingredient are updated directly. Likewise works for all menu and recipe estimates, allergen labels, and Nutri-scores.

Pxier catering software with inventory control comes up with a provision showing the waste percent of a particular inventory while chosen. Upon choosing ingredients for a recipe, this prerequisite help to select it in the proper quantity.

Food waste percentage of all ingredients and recipes must be entered to come up with accurate costing. When looking at waste, you must always consider the losses and waste involved in preparation and cooking. You also need to account for the dollar value losses and waste to get the actual cost of the recipe. These extra costs should always be included in the price of the menu.

The waste percentage is important because it tells you several things. Like, how many usable items you will have when prepared and how many menu ingredients items need to be ordered. With the Pxier catering recipe management system, you can keep track of the waste percentages. The system will automatically consider them in the menu preparation and inventory management.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Catering business typically handle many vendors to keep quality and agreement. Our Vendor Management allows catering business to decrease costs, control expenses, prompt service perfection, and decrease risks. Our Inventory Control Module includes the email addresses of vendors to send the purchase orders directly to them. The vendor management feature of the pxier inventory module helps in assigning each item to a vendor, viewing the entire list of vendors, and updating and deleting the vendors as per the requirement.

If you are attempting to handle your vendors manually, you’ll most likely: lack visibility into production and deliverables, waste time, and increase labor and administrative costs. With Pxier Inventory management software, your business can get relevant insights that improve efficiency, mitigate risk, and maximize vendor performance.

Prep Sheets

Prep Sheets

Desire to discard the waste from over prepping or over-ordering? Want to enhance kitchen efficiency and strengthen control of your catering business cost of goods sold? Need to improve responsibility and insight into your kitchen management? Here is the best solution, Prep sheets which are the backbone of a thriving kitchen.

A duly prepped station is the basis upon which a successful service period is put up. Limited prep is done, and you go down in fires immediately at the peak of the rush. Skip to prep one item, and promptly that is the most famous dish of the time! Having comprehensive prep sheets can make your kitchen much more organized and help your staff be more usually prepped and ready for service. Having par-levels on the prep sheets helps to prepare in the correct amount that helps to reduce the wastage of items.

Catering for large events requires preparing in advance. Our prep sheet allows you to view the stock requirements for a specific period. Depending on the menu items required for the event, the report will display each ingredient required and the quantity according to the catering event.

Eliminate the burden of over-prepping.

The prep sheet of the Pxier inventory module shows the inventories which are in stock. It will help in getting an estimate of the inventory requirement for an upcoming event. By determining how much of an ingredient you utilize on average, these new provisions can suggest how much you should order in the future. Improve kitchen efficiency and profit margins by reducing waste made by over-prepping.

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management

Smart purchasing, so you always hold what you want. Stop losing money away when you are over or under the order. The purchase order management feature of the Pxier inventory control module simplifies PO creation, management, and tracking to support you earn huge bucks.


Par is the minimum quantity of inventory that you need for each item. If your inventory is below par, you identify it’s time to purchase more.So place par-levels for inventory items and re-stock up to par. The essential quantities are transferred automatically to the PO of the vendor. It is perfect for items that you order regularly.

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