Pxier Salon Software - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

We have provided some of the frequently asked questions by our customers. Our software has many other features that are not covered here such as Payment gateway, quickbook integrations, marketing campaign emails, ticketing and invoicing. configurations etc. Please send us your specific questions for an prompt reply

Pxier General

1. What is Pxier Salon & Nail Service on Cloud.

Pxier Salon software is a subscription based software as a service or Software as a Service (SaaS). The software is hosted in our data centers. Users subscribe for software service and pay for the service they use.

2. Do I need to install Pxier Salon software

Pxier Salon software does not need any installation. Users just need a bowser enabled device with internet connection. Access Pxier web link, login and start using.

3. How do I pay for the service.

Pxier Salon software is a subscription based software as a service or Software as a Service (SaaS). The software is hosted in our data centers. Users subscribe for software service and pay for the service they use.

4. Do you charge a separate yearly support fee.

No, support cost is included in the monthly or yearly charges. Support is completely Free.

5. Can I cancel the service anytime.

Yes, you can cancel the service anytime.

6. Are there any cancelation charges.

No, there are no cancelation charges.

7. What is included in the support

Issues related to Pxier Salon software will be supported. Support does not include users hardware. We will do our best to help resolve the issue, but issues related to users hardware such as PC, tablet and underlying operating system is not supported.

8. Is there a separate charge for upgrades.

No, upgrades are included in the monthly charges.

Cloud software application solution from Pxier


1. Can I access Pxier Salon software from anywhere.

Pxier Salon software is a cloud based application and can be accessed from any location with internet access.

2. What device can I use to access Pxier Salon software

You can access Pxier Salon software using PC, Laptops, Tablets, iPad, iPhone and other smartphones. Devices do need to have internet connection.

3. Is it supported on all browsers

Pxier Salon software is certified on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. Pxier Salon software also function correctly on latest versions of Internet explorer.

Browser support for pxier cloud solutions

Data Security and Privacy

1. Who can access the data

Identity Management Solution has been implemented to control access to information and resources. Users logging in will be verified before they are allowed to access the resources. Customers can limit user login location by using IP address range. All user access is logged along with location, IP Address and time.

2. Who has access to the infrastructure. Is it secure

Physical and Personal Security has been put in place that makes sure only authorized users have access to the servers and relevant customer data is restricted and access documented

3. What about application security.

Application access over the cloud is tested and verified for vulnerabilities and was found to be secure.

4. What about data privacy

We take data privacy seriously. Customer data is secured via access control & Firewall along with client to server traffic encryption using Secured Socket Layer (SSL)

Pxier online security

Application availability and uptime

1. What is the application uptime

Our up time is more than 99%. To make sure software quality is maintained we follow a change management process that includes testing and verification of all changes.

2. How reliable is the network connectivity and availability

Our data centers has redundant network services and devices to make sure a single failure will not bring down our systems.

3. How reliable are you servers

We have many servers to provide prompt data request from customers. Databases are replicated to make sure in case one of the database servers were to go down, other database servers will take over and all this will be seamless to customers. Web and application servers are load balanced to make sure there is no single point of failure to potentially impact our customers.

Pxier cloud servers

Backup and Replication

1. Is my data backed up and secure

We take customer data backup and safety seriously. Our data is backed up on multiple devices. A separate backup is maintained for every day of the week and then starts over the next week. So basically we maintain a separate copy of the last seven days.

2. Can I get a copy of my data.

Yes, you can retrieve and save your data. Data entered in to Pxier is stored in database. The data itself does not make much sense unless accessed through Pxier software. Users can run reports and save them as CSV files at no cost. You can open the CSV file in Excel

3. Can I get a copy of my data from Pxier

Yes, you can request Pxier to provide a copy of your data once a week for a small monthly fee. This is an option, but you can always use the save as option available in reports to save it yourself.

Pxier redudant backup servers

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