Pxier Banquet Software - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

We are provided here some of the questions asked by our customers. Our software have many other functionalites which are not covered here such as Payment gateway, quickbook integrations, marketing campaign emails, contract and event configurations etc. Please send us your specific questions for an prompt reply

Pxier General

1. What is Pxier Events on Cloud.

Banquet Software is a subscription based software as a service or Software as a Service (SaaS). The software is hosted in our data centers. Users subscribe for software service and pay for the service they use.

2. Do I need to install Pxier Events software

Banquet Software does not need any installation. Users just need a bowser enabled device with internet connection. Access Pxier web link, login and start using.

3. How do I pay for the service.

Banquet Software is a subscription based software as a service or Software as a Service (SaaS). You will make either monthly or yearly payment for the service. 10% additional discount will be applied to yearly subscriptions.

4. Do you charge a separate yearly support fee.

No, support cost is included in the monthly or yearly subscription charges. Support is completely Free.

5. Can I cancel the service anytime.

Yes, you can cancel the service anytime.

6. Are there any cancelation charges.

No, there are no cancelation charges.

7. What is included in the support

Issues related to Banquet Software will be supported. Support does not include users hardware. We will do our best to help resolve the issue, but issues related to users hardware such as PC, tablet and underlying operating system is not supported.

8. Is there a separate charge for upgrades.

No, upgrades are included in the monthly charges.

Cloud software application solution from Pxier


1. Can I access Banquet Software from anywhere.

With proper credentials and browser enabled device, you can access your pxier application account from anywhere in the world.

2. What device can I use to access Banquet Software

You can access Banquet Software using PC, Laptops, Tablets, iPad, iPhone and other smartphones. Devices do need to have internet connection.

3. Is it supported on all browsers

Banquet Software is certified on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. Pxier Events also function correctly on latest versions of Internet explorer.

Browser support for pxier cloud solutions

Data Security and Privacy

1. Who can access the data

Identity Management Solution has been implemented to control access to information and resources. Users logging in will be verified before they are allowed to access the resources. Customers can limit user login location by using IP address range. All user access is logged along with location, IP Address and time.

2. Who has access to the infrastructure. Is it secure

Physical and Personal Security has been put in place that makes sure only authorized users have access to the servers and relevant customer data is restricted and access documented

3. What about application security.

Application access over the cloud is tested and verified for vulnerabilities and was found to be secure.

4. What about data privacy

We take data privacy seriously. Customer data is secured via access control & Firewall along optional client to server traffic encryption using Secured Socket Layer (SSL)

Pxier online security

Application availability and uptime

1. What is the application uptime

Our up time is more than 99.95%. To make sure software quality is maintained we follow a change management process that includes testing and verification of all changes.

2. How reliable is the network connectivity and availability

Our data centers has redundant network services and devices to make sure a single failure will not bring down our systems.

3. How reliable are you servers

We have many servers to provide prompt data request from customers. Databases are replicated to make sure in case one of the database servers were to go down, other database servers will take over and all this will be seamless to customers. Web and application servers are load balanced to make sure there is no single point of failure to potentially impact our customers.

Pxier cloud servers

Backup and Replication

1. Is my data backed up and secure

We take customer data backup and safety seriously. Our data is backed up on multiple devices. A separate backup is maintained for every day of the week and then starts over the next week. So basically we maintain a separate copy of the last seven days.

2. Can I get a copy of my data.

Yes, you can retrieve and save your data. Data entered in to Pxier is stored in database. The data itself does not make much sense unless accessed through Pxier software. Users can run reports and save them as CSV files at no cost. You can open the CSV file in Excel

3. Can I get a copy of my data from Pxier

Yes, you can request Pxier to provide a copy of your data once a week for a small monthly fee. This is an option, but you can always use the save as option available in reports to save it yourself.

Pxier redudant backup servers

Customer Relationship and Lead Management

1. Can I use Pxier Event for Customer and contact management

Yes, you can create and manage customer and contact information. You can also organize customers by customer type, for example corporations, Social, Government, Non-profit, etc. Customers can have multiple contacts.

2. How many customers and contacts can I manage. Is there a limit

There is no limit on how many customers and contacts you can manage

3. Can I track how customers heard about my business

Yes, you can track how customer heard about your business and the industry they are from. This information can be updated into the system and data can be used to analyze which advertisement campaigns are working and which ones are not.

4. Cam I use it for Customer Lead Management

Yes, you can use the system to manage customer lead management. Software offers features to track customer communication, update and track next steps, schedule appointments, etc. The customer type attribute can be configured to identify the status of potential customers.

5. How can I search my customer and contact data

You can search customer data using customer or contact name or contact number. System also offers a type ahead feature and displays customer names matching two or more characters you type in.

customer lead management

Event Scheduler

1. Does Pxier offer a graphical Event calendar

Yes, Pxier does offer graphical Event Calendar. Users can click on the calendar to check event status for different dates. Users can click and open existing contracts or create new ones right from the calendar.

2. Can I look at the calendar to see booking status

Yes. The bookings are color coded to identify the status. Legend on the Event Calendar displays color code for every booking status.

3. Can I manage double bookings

Yes, you can easily set preferences to manage double bookings. You can configure the system to disallow double booking or prompt the user to make a decision.

4. How can I search a contract

There are multiple ways to search a contract. From the Event calendar click on Find Contract button, type in the search text and and click Find Now. The other option is to go to Manage => Contract option, type in the search criteria and click Retrieve button.

graphical Event calendar

Appointment Management

1. Does Pxier offer a graphical Event Appointment calendar

Yes, Pxier does offer graphical Appointment Calendar. Users can click on the calendar to check appointment status for different dates. Users can click and open existing appointments or create new ones right from the appointment calendar.

2. Does the Appointment Calendar show appointment status

Yes, the appointments show up on the calendar in different colors depending on the appointment status. Legend on the appointment calendar explains the color coding

3. Is it possible to change the color coding for the appointment status

Yes, you can easily change appointment status color using Appointment Status option

4. What is the purpose of the appointment option

As the name suggests appointment option can be used to schedule appointments and invite customer and staff such as chef, florist, event planner, etc. The system can also be configured to send appointment reminder emails to the invitees.

5. Who can I invite for the appointment

You can invite customers, any users and staff members that are registered in Pxier. Employee management option is required for adding staff members.

6. Can I configure my Pxier account to send appointment reminder emails

Yes, you can configure Pxier account to send automated appointment reminder emails

7. Does the system allow me to notify the invitees right away

Yes, Pxier allows you to notify invitees right away using the notify now button on the invitees tab.

8. Can I schedule the system to send out automated reminder email for a specific date

You can configure the appointment to send out reminder email to the invitees anywhere from 1 to 48 hours before the appointment.

graphical client appoint calendar


1. Can I send contract and Invoice via email

Yes, System can be configured to send contract and invoice by email. Pxier preferences can be configured to send to send email using your SMTP server

2. Can I send Contract and Invoice separately

Yes, users can either send contract and invoice emails separately or send then in one single email.

3. Is it possible to send email from a general email address say info@company.com or a person say john.james@company.com

Yes, as long as the sender has the same SMTP server and valid email address and password it should be possible

4. I am not able to send contract and invoice via email, what could be the issue

Most likely your SMTP and email preferences are not set. It is also possible relay authentication on your email server is disabled. Relay authentication should be enabled for Pxier software to send authenticated emails via your SMTP server

5. How do recipients access contract or invoice from their email

Recipients receive links to access contract and invoice. Clicking these links brings up the contract or invoice. Recipients can print or save these documents.

6. Can I configure my Pxier account to send payment reminder emails

Yes, you can configure your Pxier account to send automated payment reminders

7. Can I configure my Pxier account to send notification emails

Yes, you can configure Pxier account to send automated notification emails

pxier cloud application email configuration.


1. Can I set a date format for my account

Yes, you can set date format for your account easily using the preference settings

2. Can I set a time format for my account

Yes, you can set tine format for your account easily using the preference settings

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