Banquet and Meeting Room software Feature Highlights

Our cloud based banquet and meeting room software is designed to optimize banquet hall facilities to efficiently organize and manage more social events including weddings and parties or corporate meetings with elaborate hall arrangement styles, food menu planning, audio/video requirements and payment management

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General Features

Pxier banquet system offers all the features required to run a banquet facility easily and successfully. Features include, customer and contact management, contracts, events, additional services, detailed catering or food menu, multi-language support. Most features are customizable to fit your requirements or needs.

  • No hardware or software requirement. Just internet Browser
  • Access from desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, other tablets or mobiles
  • Weekly or daily events calendar view.
  • Validation for Double booking.
  • Copy contracts & Events features to save time
  • Options to combine halls and show member halls as booked for larger events.
  • Internal and external notification.
  • Detailed catering & food menu options.
  • Easily change contract and site logo with a few clicks.
  • Master catering & food menu which can be customized for each event.
  • And lot more.
Banquet software scheduler screen
Banquet software customer management module

Event Management

Use Pxier Events cloud software to manage and track events with ease, customize contracts, search, edit, view, print and email contracts with just a few clicks. Configure hall, equipment rentals, customer type, payment modes, taxes, charges and fees, policy, logo and much more.

  • Color coded Weekly and Daily scheduler view.
  • Click on any day to view detailed events on that day.
  • Easy to search contracts or customer information.
  • Combine halls to make larger facility and system manages bookings accordingly.
  • Option for maximum or minimum attending events.
  • Multiple comments option for payment, event, setup, contract etc.
  • View hall dimension and other properties from default view.
  • Setup charges for specific need along with tax codes
  • Print, Fax or Email contract to customers
  • Detailed contract invoices
  • And lot more options.

Catering and Food Menu Features

Pxier Banquet System includes detailed catering and food menu management. Ealisy create and store pre-defined menu, copy, alter and append to events and saving valuable time when creating contracts. System also allows users to create and manage any specific food menu requirements for individual contracts.

  • Set Package pricing option.
  • Set Master menu or Customize for each event.
  • Manage Price list for individual items.
  • Set Optional items for selected menu.
  • Set time for each menu course.
  • Set comments for menu which can be printed on contract and work order.
  • Menu sort options
  • Print detailed and complete menu on contract.
  • Additional customization and options are available
Catering menu module
Banquet services and equipment rental

Services and Rentals

Manage audio and video equipment rentals or any other custom services for the events. These can be part of a package or individually priced for flexibility.

  • Pre-defined list of equipment rentals and services.
  • Manage your own list and pricing of service & rental Items.
  • Add individual items or parts of package to the events.
  • Add additional requests on the fly.
  • Service and rentals for each events included in the contract

Contracts & Report

Contract document includes sections for customer information, company information and logo, event listing, expected number of people for each event, Hall setup styles, services and rentals, food menu, contract policy, custom remarks, signing section, comments and more. Each section can be excluded or included on specific contract. Work order can be set for the staff to arrange and decorate the hall or for the kitchen with food details without other contract details.
Beyond contracts and invoices, there are many reports for day to day business activities or reports on sales and planning for management of different aspect of the business.

  • Contract customization for your facility
  • Pick and choose section for specific contracts.
  • Customer version v/s work order version
  • Print or Email contract
  • Multi language support
  • Detailed invoice
  • Custom logo
  • Reports on upcoming events - weekly or selected date range
  • Various customer reports.
  • Performance reports
  • And many more contract options.
Contract setup and printing

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