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Pxier Event booking software is perfect for event reservations. Standardize booking process for your facility offering single or multiple halls. Access application from anywhere using most browser based devices with internet access. Anytime access offers business information at your finger tips and is key for ongoing business improvements.

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Use Pxier Banquet software software to organize and streamline your business. Reduce paper work via automation, increase productivity with less rework, avoid confusion by having information centrally that is accessible 24x7 from anywhere, improve customer satisfaction with quick and accurate response, help customer and participant experience by offering a well planned and lean event.

Pxier Event is simple and easy to use. Users do not need to have technical or programming knowledge. The system is intuitive and most users can come up to speed quickly with basic training.

Online support system can be used to put in trouble tickets for the support team. Support team monitors tickets and is trained to address most issues effectively and quickly.

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Banquet System offers complete solution for event booking needs from contract initiation, confirmation, completion through payments. Manage any type of events including wedding, reception, birthday party, social events and gathering, anniversary party, promotion or product launch, school and college reunions and many more. Easily keep track of your business with your customers and use this information to improve your business by offering special packages and discounts. Schedule and send out marketing emails to existing and prospective customers.

Pxier Event booking software is available in French and English languages. System can be configured to offer a variety of event themes, hall styles and event setup. Users can easily administer and configure the system as per their specific needs.

Online Event booking software includes upgrades, maintenance, backup, but all this is done behind the scenes with minimum impact to the users.

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