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Streamline catering business with Pxier internet based application. Managing day to day business process activities with our solution will allow catering businesses to focus on their core business. Software tools and features offer real-time information that can be analyzed to help make business decisions.

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Efficiently manage your catering business using Pxier Events catering software. Be it catering business for restaurants and independent owners or catering service as part of complete event management package Pxier offers the tools to successfully manage facilities of any size.

Configure custom catering contract format for your specific requirements. Easily set option to print detailed menu on the contract including multi language support. Contract generation offers feature to display menu details with or without the total cost. Generate catering work order for the kitchen including special notes and comments.

Manage multiple catering orders per day including double booked catering orders easily. View the schedule calendar to view monthly catering schedule or the daily schedule for the latest up to date status. Use notification feature to notify necessary personnel or customer.

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Create and manage master menu or customized menu packages including special packages to choose from. Easily offer additional pricing per package, menu or item. This option is useful when offering special orders or dishes over and above the original order.

Special copy menu feature allows copying existing menu offerings and modifying them to meet the order instead of creating the menu from scratch. This allows reusing existing menu and reducing errors while saving time. Additional charges including gratuity and wait charges can be added easily. Gratuity rate can be configured differently for different type of customers, for example gratuity for non profit organizations can be set lower than other customers.

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